Friday, August 15, 2008

School Starts Next Week

I don't know if I'm ready for this whole endeavor. I had my orientation on Monday, where they emphasized over and over again how horrible our lives are going to be for the next year. I think there is going to be plenty of support also, from school and at home, but still, I'm wondering what I got myself into.

I want to avoid this being the nursing student blog that drones on post after post about how hard school is, and how unfair my instructors are. Those things may be true, but those things are up to me to deal with, and whining about it won't get me anywhere.

I am worried about my work/home/school work load balance and how I'll deal with all that. I'm going to need to find some creative time management ideas.

I'm apprehensive about clinicals mainly because I don't have any experience aside from my CNA clinicals last summer. Most of the other students work in medical settings already, but again, here I am fixing cell phones. I might be the only nursing student that can solder a microphone on an LG, but that doesn't do me much good come time to take vitals accurately.

I'm trying to remain confident, while at the same time realistic about my abilities and worries. The voice of doubt is getting louder, but with only a few days left to go before class starts, I'm trying to give my ego a boost, and work on positive self-talk.

I can do this.

Millions of other people have become nurses before me.

I can be a good nurse.

I have all the school and people skills in place.

I have an excellent support system.

I can do this.

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