Sunday, July 27, 2008

Herpetology 101

So, we took the baby to the zoo, and as we're looking at snakes making "ssssssss..." sounds, I overhear this conversation:

Boy: Look at that lump in the middle of the snake, Mom, that's the mouse it ate I bet, we learned about that at school!"

Mom (thoughtfully): How does it get out?

Dad (looking at Mom like she's brain damaged): What do you mean how does it get out? It ate it, it doesn't come back out.

Mom: Oh, well, what about the... um... remnants...

Dad: It's got an out-hole, you know?

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Cell Phone Repair Lesson 2

Ok, let me preface that this has nothing to do with any sort of insect, I promise.

I just don't understand people. I had a lady approach me at work couple days ago getting an attitude as I greet her, and say, "yeah, remember me? My phone's doing it again."

No, I have no idea who you are. As it turns out, I helped her 3 months ago by replacing her phone because the original phone had a problem that was covered under warranty.

This second phone she had was having the same symptoms, but it was now out of warranty based on how long she had owned it, as well as the fact that it had signs of liquid damage. She is demanding another new phone.

I ask her if she realizes the phone has been wet. "Well, yeah, probably because I didn't pick him up from school one day and he had to walk home 2 miles in the pouring rain. I don't see what that has to do with anything."

"We don't replace your phone for free if you ruined it by getting it wet."

"It was only rain water, it's not like it was toilet water!"

Oh, well in that case...

Lesson: Water (H20), regardless of source or purity, is not good for electronics. DUH.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cell Phone Repair Lesson 1

As I was sitting through my nursing school orientation, I was feeling really out of place. I was in the minority of students that isn't currently working in health care. The introduce yourself to the room to 60 people game is uncomfortable enough, but the girl that announced she worked for a florist got some chuckles. I left out my current job in my introduction.

It's not that I'm ashamed that I repair cell phones. I've become proud of my job and I really enjoy it, in spite of my self. I would like to work in health care now, but I probably earn about double what I could earn as a CNA, and I get benefits even though I work part time hours. There is no reason to make any job moves right now.

I try to use my job to practice my conversational skills, showing empathy and patience, and listening carefully... But, possibly most importantly, I'm practicing dealing with completely disgusting situations with professionalism.

Case in point: I introduced myself to customer a few days ago. His name was Frank. He was 78, and was sort of unkempt and smelly in an old man way, but was sweet. I asked him what was wrong with his phone, and he said his "crazy ol' phone was actin' a fool!" Translation: The vibrator motor wouldn't turn off. It vibrated constantly. Very odd, but a telltale sign of liquid damage. I asked him if the phone had gotten wet, and he assured me it hadn't. I of course gently assured him I would figure out what was wrong with his phone, and he could just stay comfortable in his chair, and I would let him know what I discovered.

I took the phone back to the shop, took the battery out, and took the rear housing off. The circuit board looked sort of dirty. I saw something move out of the corner of my eye, and realized it was a small bug running across my desk. Yuck. I squashed it with a post it note, and got back to the phone.

Wait. There are two more of those bugs.

Crawling out of the phone...


I jumped up, scream-whispered an F-bomb, and asked the male tech to kill them. He was just as much a girl as I was, and another female employee had to step in to take care of it. She killed 5. 2 escaped getting squashed, and crawled back inside the phone through the ear phone jack. We double-bagged all the roach poop coated phone parts and their residents in ziploc baggies.

I eventually got myself together, and told the customer that I wasn't able to fix his phone because . . . there were . . . insects? . . . inside the phone, and so I can't fix it, and umm . . . actually . . . Ican'tputitbacktogethereither, so I have it in a baggie if you want it . . .

He didn't seem surprised, upset, or embarrased, just took it all in stride, and happily purchased a new phone. He even let me keep the old phone. Thanks Frank.

Lesson learned? A roach on the desk is worth 2 in the phone?