Friday, June 20, 2008

Update on Life

Well, I ended up with my A in A&P. It was a struggle, but I made it. I took Microbiology in the spring, and somehow ended up with an A in that too. I've never done so well in school.

I applied for the RN program, but was turned down since I was at that time still enrolled in Micro. I also applied for the LPN program, and was accepted. I'm starting the LPN program in the fall, and after a year of classes, will be a Licensed Practical Nurse, and then can bridge into the last year of the RN program.

So, why haven't I blogged... so much has happened in the last months. School and mommyhood and work kept me pretty busy. I'm still fixing cell phones, and actually enjoy it. Not a career, but great job for now. My mom went kinda nuts and lost her house. That added a lot of drama for a while, but it seems to have settled down.

The baby isn't a baby anymore. I stopped blogging right around the time he started walking, since he's now into everything. Now he's starting to talk, and everyday he's simultaneously amazing and terrifying me with his brilliance.

As I tend to tell my therapist every month, "Overall, things are going pretty well, I'm happy."