Thursday, September 13, 2007

First Test

I took my first A&P exam today. Thought I might have a panic attack. No, not really, but it was way more stressful than any other test I've taken. This could quite possibly be the hardest class I've ever taken. All the studying and reading and everything else still doesn't get me to a point where I know the material really well. I'm guessing I got a C. The subjects covered were pretty broad though, so I'm hoping as we get a little more specific, I'll do better.

Not only did I have the test going on, but the baby has some sort of stomach bug today that resulted in about 6 pretty nasty diaper changes in 5 hours. The cat did his part by throwing up twice. Didn't leave me any time to actually get some last minute reviewing done today, let alone actually shower before I went to school.

I should rename this blog "Diarrhea and Furballs."

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Jennifer said...

I"ll give you a dollar if you really change the name of your blog to Diarrhea and Furballs.


Now that I'm sans myspace I need your email address.