Friday, August 3, 2007

More Reasons Why Nursing Has to Work

No, I didn't abandon my blog. I've been ridiculously busy. No, I don't mean extremely busy, I mean busy with ridiculous things, namely, my new job. I finally got in at Cell Phone Company X, after several months of background checks, drug tests, and interviews. My job is to greet customers as they walk in the door, take their names, and ask them to wait ala a restaurant hostess. Smoking, non, or first available?

I have to say, I've worked on and off in customer service jobs for 15 years and I have never seen people like this. Good preparation for nursing, because I always consider these people could be my patients someday.

I don't like the job especially, but it pays more than McDonalds. I'm not surprised by anything at the job, because it was exactly what I expected it to be like working for a large corporate-esque place again. Lots of acronyms for intangible feel-good things. Lots of rhetoric and brainwashing. A diversity training webinar.

After I was approached by a manager who asked me what percentage of people I thought I was able to connect with a handshake (and I responded 93 or 94% since I thought he was joking... he wasn't...), he made some small talk with me, then said: "hmm... pretty snappy shoes there..."
"Yeah... hmm... I don't know how I feel about those shoes..."
"Do you not want me to wear these shoes?"
"OH! Well... um... I don't know... I mean, we can talk it over with the store manager later on and see what he thinks..."
"So you don't want me to wear the shoes."
"Hmm... well, I don't know, we can talk about it and see how it falls into the dress code and decide what's in the best interest of the customer..."
"You know what? I won't wear the shoes. Don't even worry about it. You won't see them again."

We're lucky if we can get our adult customers to wear shirts. A four year old came in the other day wearing a tshirt, Barbie panties, Crocs, and green marker all over her legs. Unlike other associates, I have no piercings, tatoos, or unnaturally colored hair, but I wear these shoes

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and need a big discussion. Oh well. More motivation to finish school. Not that I think there won't be crap like this in a hospital. It's always something. I need to win the lotto.