Friday, August 31, 2007

Decisions Decisions

Got the results of my CNA state exam, and I passed. I wasn't really worried, but it's always a relief to not have to think about it anymore. When I finished my CNA class, I actually graduated #1 in the class of about 30. Out of 600 test questions throughout the course, I missed 3. Granted, this was not a difficult class, but it helped my confidence a little since I'm not actually a very good student. I was in the lower 1/3 of my high school class, and nearly didn't graduate because I was failing gym. How stupid is that?

So now I'm wondering what I should do job-wise. I worked extremely hard to get into cellstore to shake hands, but now with my certification I can work in a hospital that might increase my chances of getting into school and then pay for it too. I don't want to work at cellstore forever, but it's good money now, and I'm trying to get a different job there that just opened up actually repairing phones, which would be about $4/hr more, and I'm sure that's more than a hospital job. I'll have to see what happens in the next few weeks here, and make a decision. It wouldn't hurt me to apply at the hospitals now anyway.

The baby is not the best study partner. I have to say, he's kinda insane since he started crawling. Insane in a good way though I guess. He's just so curious, he's into everything. But then he's so full of energy, he wants to skip all his naps, and party all night. I don't get it, you would think I'm feeding him Starbucks instead of Similac. Oh wait, that must be it, I'm not breastfeeding, so that must be why he's not wanting to sleep. Formula is evil! But, that's another topic altogether. I'm fairly convinced that he doesn't want me to go to school, and that's why he's making it so difficult for me. Or, more likely, he's 7 1/2 months old, and hes just being a baby, and I'm taking a difficult stressful class.

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RN Someday said...

working as a cna in a hospital will help you sooooo much as a nursing student. I work as a cna on a cardiac floor and it has helped my confidence and my skills enormously.