Saturday, August 25, 2007

Battle of the Non-Traditional Students

Well, I'm one week into my Anatomy & Physiology class. I have to take it this semester, and then Microbiology in the spring, then I apply for the RN program and (fingers crossed) begin that in the fall. So, as you can see, I'm blogging to avoid studying phospholipids, isotopes, covalent bonds, and all that other chemistry/biology review stuff.

Chemistry is not my strong suit. I took it in high school, failed it one semester, got a D the second semester. Repeated the first semester the next year. Took it in college, got a D. Repeated 2 years later to try to get into the nursing program, got a C. Started taking Organic Chemistry, was failing miserably, and dropped. I took A&P in college about 8 years ago, so I need to take it over again to refresh my skills and to get a higher grade than the C I got the first time.

Being the non-trad I've become, I'm doing ok. Can you believe there are some other non-trads trying to be more even more non-traddie than me? I'm sitting in the front row all the way on one side, they're in the front row in the center, right in front of the instructor's desk. They've already been chatting with the teacher at breaks too, opting to bring their diet Snapples from home so they don't even have to leave their seats to get a drink. They have superior bladders too, and don't need to pee during break. They can just sit and chat about hydrogen bonds while I'm off getting a Snickers. The one has discovered and printed out the same study materials from the internet that I did. They're good. Of course, they have at least 15-20 years on me. At least they're in the front row with me so I can keep my eye on them.

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Jennifer said...

I had the non-traditional dilemma conversation with my shrink last week. She said that my truly non-traditional in that I won't communicate with anyone, and sit in a non-obvious section of the class... same as you. Front row, as not to seem like I'm NOT trying, but slightly askew of the real non-trads, as not to seem too needy.

You'll make the chemistry work because you have a lot more riding on the grade this time. That's the way I feel about my special-ed math class that I'm taking this semester (fractions! yes!)