Friday, June 15, 2007

EEW I'm a Non-Trad

I've only got 2 weeks left to go. I'm in line for valedictorian of the class at this rate, since I'm running a 99.7% after 4 weeks. I've gotten one question wrong out of 3 tests, and that was the definition of etiology. I don't remember reading it in the book, and I don't remember it being discussed in class, so I guessed, and I guessed incorrectly. No one in the class remembers it being covered either, so we'll see about getting that point back. I'll forever know now that etiology means cause.

I've become the college student I always hated. "The Non-Trad" (non traditional student) Ugh. They're like 40 years old with their brand new backpacks, and 17 different highlighters lined up on their desk, and they ask all sorts of questions all the time, and they get 100% on all their tests. Well, I'm not quite that bad, but I am almost 30, and have 2 highlighters. I guess I understand those people now though. They're going back to school with a pretty focused goal, and need to really learn what they're studying. They've probably done jobs that they've hated, and are ready to make a change. If they're in my situation, they aren't just doing this for themselves anymore, but maybe have other people depending on them. What pressure.

I finally got a job after basically 5 months now of not working. I'll be shaking hands and welcoming people to a local cell phone store. Pretty exciting stuff. It's just a part time job, so I can keep spending some time with the baby and my summer vacationing teacher husband. I can't keep up with everything new the baby's doing anymore. He's learning something new every day.

Looking at all he's learned at 5 months, I wonder what he'll be capable of at 6 months, etc. I think we need to start baby proofing, since he's on the brink of crawling. It'll be a while still, but it's coming. Right now, he lays on his stomach, and grunts and flails his arms and legs around erratically, trying to propel himself. Mean parents that we are, we laugh hysterically at this. He manages to spin himself around in a circle, but can't quite get anywhere yet.

I told my dad about him yesterday. About his existence I mean. Yeah, pretty long story, but he lives in the same town we do, always has, and I've seen him twice in the last 20 years. I talk to him usually once a year or so. The last time I talked to him was a few weeks before the baby was due, and I didn't tell him. Yesterday was his birthday, so I figured I'd call and let him know. Oh, by the way, you're a grandfather... He was really happy, and cried, and vowed to come see this grandson of his. Better now while he's little enough to forget him. It's a lot harder to be abandoned when you're 8 years old.

So, I'm faced with my mother's dilemma... keep the baby away from him to protect him from eventual disappointment and in turn have him resent me? Or, let things go as they may? We'll see what happens.

But, how could you not want what's best for this little guy? This is why I'm going back to school.

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pixelrn said...

Ha ha. In nursing school, I was a Non-Trad too, with my shiny new LLBean navy blue backpack.

Your little guy is adorable!