Sunday, April 22, 2007

Baby Laughs and Mommy Fears

When I tell people I'm looking for a job, they seem to give me a look that says "what kind of mother are you?" They say, "well, you must be enjoying staying home with the baby though." Then I sort of get to feeling bad. I get so worried about finding a job so we can keep paying the bills, and on top of that, worrying about whether I'm doing the right thing going back to school. With all this worrying going on, I'm not really appreciating the time I'm off.

When I really look at it though, I'm very lucky. I get to see daily milestones. Last Thursday, he laughed. That was great. I've never heard such an awkward funny sound. The more he laughed, the more we laughed, and that got him going harder. He ended up with hiccups. It was his grandpa that got him laughing, of course. Friday, he laughed again, at my sister. My husband and I are going to be the last ones to make him laugh, I'm sure. He smiled at us last too... after the ceiling fan, the door, the cat, and everyone else but us. That's ok, he just knows he doesn't need to do anything special to impress us.

I had an interview at a cell phone store last Wednesday, to be a greeter. "Hello, welcome, what can we do for you today? Please have a seat, someone will be with you shortly." That's all I need to learn how to say as a greeter. Sounds like the job for me, after the last one I had. I felt like the interview went horribly, but I guess the recruiter told my friend that works there that they were impressed with me. I'm not putting too much hope in that, but we'll see what happens. I never heard back about the receptionist job at the hospital that I interviewed for. I can understand not hearing back about every job you apply for, but if you get as far as an interview, it seems like they should at least call to let you know you didn't get the job.

I called the 3 area hospitals on Friday to ask them a couple questions about their hiring practices for RN's (one of my Dislocated Workers Program tasks). I found out that they all hire new grads, although not necessarily at clinics. They all offer health/dental benefits among other various 401k kind of stuff. One starts new nurses at $22/hr, one starts at $20.69, and one "didn't feel comfortable discussing that sort of information over the phone-but generally nurses in town make somewhere between $19.75 and $32/hr." That's quite a spread... you would think with the nursing shortage, and hospitals fighting for nurses, the recruiters would be a little more friendly. I'll remember this when I'm ready to find a job.

I'm trying to stay confident and positive about this new career path, but it's pretty scary at times too. I came across this blog and it nearly made me change my mind altogether. I guess after the CNA class this summer, I'll have a better idea of my abilities and the job ahead of me, and if I'm not cut out for it, I'll figure something else out.

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